I cannot find a specific port

Please try a different spelling of the port first. For example Pusan might now and then also be listed as Busan. Alternatively, if you click "View all" on the start page, you can also search for ports by arranging them according to region and country. In case a port might not be listed, please send us an email via our contact form. We will add the port to our data base as soon as possible.

No shipment is displayed

If you don´t receive any search result for your request, it can have different reasons:

Cargo type

Try to receive a search result by chosing alternative cargo types. If there are still no search results, then no suitable shipment with the chosen cargo type is on file with the data base.

Period of time

As basic setting, our search engine shows all departures and arrivals up to one week in advance. Please check whether there are shippings for a later point in time. By clicking "range", shipments for the next seven weeks will be displayed.

Some schedules are displayed uncompleted

In case this happens, we kindly request you to inform us via our contact form. After reviewing we will revise and adjust the schedule as soon as possible. Please send us the name of the ocean carrier, the ship as well as the trip number and the error that has occured.

I cannot find a specific ocean carrier

Please note that at least three letters have to be typed into the search form to receive a result. If you still don`t receive any search result, please try another spelling, e.g. popular abbreviations for ocean carriers. For example, the ocean carrier Atlantic Container Line can also be found under the abbreviation ACL. If you still don`t receive a search result, please contact us and we will add the ocean carrier to our data base as soon as possible.

The representation of the website is incorrect

This website is optimized for the use of Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. The use of a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) may lead to incorrect or incomplete representations of the website. Please use one of the browsers that support our website or contact us. Please specify your actual operating system, as well as name and version of your webbrowser.

External links do not work

With the help of continuous checkups, we do our best to guarantee the up-to-dateness of our external links. In case an external link cannot be opened, please check your browser settings first. If the external link still cannot be opened or the page is not up to date, please contact us. Please note, that we cannot provide guarantees for content and functionality of external websites.